• Spring Camping Tips

    Spring Camping Tips
    Spring is coming now. Warmer weather, flowers blooming, and signs of new life after the cold, it is time for camping. Do you need any inspiration on planning your spring camping trip? Follow MIER and here are some tips that have you benefited a lot. Get Your Equipment Prepared Spring is a season that people are more likely to update their camping gear. Before...
  • Best Tips for A Perfect Picnic

    Best Tips for A Perfect Picnic
    As the weather warms up, outdoor spaces like parks or beaches, even your backyard provide a safe environment that allows you to get out of the house for a while. And if you practice proper social distancing measures, it can also be a great opportunity to safely hang out with friends. Why not roll out your picnic blanket and enjoy a good time. Here are some...
  • How to Avoid Wild Animals Around Your Camping Site

    How to Avoid Wild Animals Around Your Camping Site
    Camping is a great outdoor activity that allows you to get close to nature. However, there exist some “surprises” for you. Can you imagine that bears or snakes stroll into your tent? That’s really not funny. You may be in danger when encountering those wild animals. For many outdoor lovers, they may ignore some details which may attract animals. So, in this blog, we will introduce some...
  • How to Pack a Cooler

    How to Pack a Cooler
    A right way to pack a cooler must be needed if it is to keep your food and drinks cold for days. Here are some simple tips that could maximize ice retention and get the best performance out of your cooler. Start with a cool cooler Most of us don’t realize how the importance of pre-chill the cooler before packing the next day. A warm cooler...
  • Insulated Lunch Bag Buyers’ Guide

    Insulated Lunch Bag Buyers’ Guide
    How to keep lunch warm? The best way to keep your food is by using an insulated lunch bag. An insulated bag has two walls, with a vacuum in-between. There must be a medium needed if to carry the heat absorbed by the inner wall to the outer wall. So, without air, there is no heat that will escape into the surroundings, and the lunch box...
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