How to Avoid Wild Animals Around Your Camping Site

Camping is a great outdoor activity that allows you to get close to nature. However, there exist some “surprises” for you. Can you imagine that bears or snakes stroll into your tent? That’s really not funny. You may be in danger when encountering those wild animals. For many outdoor lovers, they may ignore some details which may attract animals. So, in this blog, we will introduce some rules that keep the wildlife far away from your camping site.

How to Avoid Wild Animals Around Your Camping Site

  • A locking cooler for your food

If an animal can’t see your food, it will not sing around your camp. They’re searching for a hearty meal. To avoid attracting animals, store all your food in a locking cooler and wrap it with rope for extra protection. Then hang the cooler outside at an elevation of at least seven feet. Another option is to place the cooler in the trunk of your car if it’s not too far away. And never keep food inside your tent! Or you will find it ruined by naughty bears or any others.

A locking cooler for your food

  • Prepare a flashlight

A flashlight is a necessity in your camping. Not only can it help you to look for your items or directions in the night, but also a sudden burst of light can make the animals spook and run away. When you discover animals are getting closed to your tent, you can take the flashlight and give them a “shoot”.

Prepare a flashlight

  • Keep your site clean

Don’t leave any living traces around your camping site. Therefore, it is necessary to cook elsewhere which would not leave the smell around where you sleep. Clean up your trash like leftovers with a heavy garbage bag and you can add an additional layer for protection. Then hang the bags high off the ground or place them in your car. In this way, you will leave your traces as little as impossible to avoid the animals.

  • Keep pet on a leash

If you plan to take your pets camping, you’d better not let your pets roam off freely. Or they may arouse the interest of wild animals. Make sure they will stay close by. Buying a dog leash is a good choice to keep them stay somewhere and you can take them to wander around for a while.

Keep pet on a leash

All in all, you need to pay attention to details that may attract wild animals coming around your camping site. Bear those rules in your mind. And it is quite safe that you can pretend you have never been here. Happy camping!