Social Responsibility

MIER's commitment to sustainability extends through all phases of our product’s life cycle, from design and manufacturing to support and end of life. We conducted life cycle assessments of products in our apparel, footwear and equipment categories, and determined that the majority of our environmental impact comes from fabric processing and product manufacturing. This is where we direct our major focus.


  • Fit for use
  • Durable performance
  • Repair and failure



In addition to utilizing existing sustainable fibers and finishes throughout our line, we strive to innovate and develop new earth-friendly solutions for gear and apparel.



We manufacture products in factories that are fair, safe, and non-discriminatory. We annually audit our production facilities according to strict social and environmental guidelines and meticulously choose certified and audited mills/ factories.

We incorporate recycled materials into MIER products and take responsibility for our products’ end-of-life through a long-standing commitment to durability. We have also engaged our suppliers in efforts to reduce chemicals, water, energy and waste in their mill.



We value the importance of philanthropy and strive to remain an engaged member of our society with a dedication to charity and good works.

Grants focus on three areas: green, education and career opportunity for young people. The philanthropy is integrated into broader corporate citizenship strategy. We donate cash twice per year and other support to connect young people with career opportunities.

Social Responsibility