• What to Wear Hiking

    What to Wear Hiking
    There is a saying that when in Rome, do as the Romans do which means we should do the right things in different situations. This article offers some hiking attire for choosing when hiking. What to Wear Hiking (the Quick-and-Dirty List): No denim jeans or cotton tees: The features of cotton absorbing the water may keep you feeling sweaty in hot temps and chills you when the weather...
  • Insulated Lunch Bag Buyers’ Guide

    Insulated Lunch Bag Buyers’ Guide
    How to keep lunch warm? The best way to keep your food is by using an insulated lunch bag. An insulated bag has two walls, with a vacuum in-between. There must be a medium needed if to carry the heat absorbed by the inner wall to the outer wall. So, without air, there is no heat that will escape into the surroundings, and the lunch box...
  • How to Clean a Camping Tent

    How to Clean a Camping Tent
    After a weekend in nature, it's no surprise to come home with a dusty, grimy tent. But if it is too dirty, you may start to notice ugly stains, bad smells or zippers that don't work as well as they used to. Cleaning the tents can solve these problems, and it's not hard to do. Here are the basic steps: Collect equipment/supplies: you may...
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