MIER supports people and projects that align with our philosophy ‘created for sports and outdoor’. Our sponsored athletes and adventurers travel the globe seeking extreme environments and activities that push boundaries. They challenge themselves, and our gear, to the max. Like us, they love what they do and have fun doing it while using our gear.


Q1. What type of events does MIER sponser?

We sponsor many kinds of events…running, cycling, rowers, non-athletic, hiking, camping, watersports, you name it. Events closely related to a cause or a non-profit entity that is tied to our values of an active, healthy lifestyle will be an ideal fit. If your event runs a website, a blog, a Facebook, and/or Twitter profile for the event, we hope to see that you are actively updating it.


Q2. What kind of publicity does MIER expect in return?

We want as much visibility and involvement as possible, particularly online. This includes social media interaction, text links, logos on websites, e-mail inclusion, printed inclusion, etc.


Q3. What type of individuals do MIER sponsor?

We typically sponsor professional athletes and outdooor enthusiasts but will consider case-by-case and reach out to the applicants that appear to be a “good fit.” We also want you to have an active online presence. Having a lot of followers on your social media accounts or a well-known reputation in the outdoor field will be a plus.


Q4. What does MIER expect in return?

We expect you to keep us updated on what’s going on in your world.

This includes sending us your calendar of races / events / explores, blogs and v-blog for MIER website and social media, monthly post on MIER Facebook and follow & tag on Instagram, hi-res photos for MIER to use at their discretion, testimonials for website, catalog and promoting use. MIER logo on your uniform and website and staying on MIER message when referring to brand.

Basically we want you to be proud of being sponsored by MIER!


Q5. What does MIER look for in an sponsorship?

We look for a sponsorship to be impactful and lasting.

We feel like those we sponsor will be a part of the MIER family.

So what if you’re the most amazing trail runner to ever put on running shoes! Do you play nice with others? Are people excited to be around you? Do you return e-mails and phone calls promptly? They all matter a lot.



We review sponsorship applications in January/February and October/November each year and only consider applications with at least a three-month lead-time. If your adventures have global impact and exposure or have the greatest impact in the country you are based in, please send an email to intl@miersports.com briefly telling us more about yourself and setting out reasons why you think you deserve to be sponsored.

Thank you for considering MIER as your project partner and we look forward to receiving your proposal.