How to Do Yoga at Home - A Beginner Guide

How to Do Yoga at Home

Yoga is a sport that originated in ancient India which offers people physical and mental benefits. During doing yoga, slow movements and deep breathing increase blood flow and warm up muscles while holding a pose can build strength. In this way, your body would get whole relief. And doing yoga doesn’t need huge space and many professional accessories. If you want to do some practices but have no idea. Why not have a try?

In this blog, we will introduce you to some tips for the beginner. Let’s yoga together!

  • Pick a place

Before starting to do yoga, the thing you need to do is find a place to put your yoga mat. You can basically practice anyplace that fits a yoga mat. It is not a puzzle for you to find a nook in your home. You can move living room furniture out of the way and roll out your mat, or duck out of family life for a few minutes and set up in the basement. Leaving some time for yourself before bedtime and start doing poses in your room.


  • Props for yoga

Don’t worry about spending a buck for yoga gears. What you need is just a yoga mat, yoga strap, and yoga clothes. Maybe someone would say you don’t even need a mat. But necessary yoga accessories can be useful tools that help you feel supported during your practicing process and avoid injury.

Yoga mat offers a balance between cushioning to support your joints and firmness to help with standing poses. And you can choose a mat whose thickness is usually 1/8-inch which is kindly to beginners.

Yoga mat

Yoga strap helps you stretch yourself enough. It allows you to fulfill your poses with your maximal ability. You can wrap it around your toes in a seated forward fold to help keep your back flat, loop it around your foot in and use it to stretch your inner thighs and hips.

Yoga strap

Comfort is the prior feature for yoga clothes. They can help you feel your best when you roll out a mat in your living room. And the bright color would energize you to hold the pose. Yoga tops need to be breathable and quick-dry, which allows you to keep dry on the mat and avoid sliding by sweat. For leggings, we have introduced a must-have pair in MIER Must-Have Leggings for Working Out or Lounging Around. Three key features help you to pick the best leggings.

  • Learn and practice poses from an online class

Do you want a free and professional teacher to teach you yoga? You can pick a YouTuber who updates yoga videos specifically. Just follow his or her lessons to start your yoga trip. The benefit of an online class is that they provide the most convenient and they are multiple for your lesson choice.

  • Do yoga as a daily practice

Carve out some time every day for yoga even ten minutes. It is not to say that you should do an-hour yoga each day. Just doing yoga as your daily habit, you may own more spare time on weekends so that trying to practice yoga for a longer time than before.

For this special year, sports take a really important place in our life. Yoga is a good choice for your practices at home. Although yoga is easy for everyone to begin with, safety is the most significant thing we should bear in mind. Do all poses within your ability. Let’s go for a better year.