Insulated Lunch Bag Buyers’ Guide

How to keep lunch warm?

The best way to keep your food is by using an insulated lunch bag. An insulated bag has two walls, with a vacuum in-between. There must be a medium needed if to carry the heat absorbed by the inner wall to the outer wall. So, without air, there is no heat that will escape into the surroundings, and the lunch box doesn't heat up either. These bags are also used by pizza delivery men too. Please remember that the lunch bag only keeps the food around it already is, so putting the food into the insulated bag after it has already heated up to your desired warmth and seal the insulated lunch bags well. Also, there's one thing you should keep in mind is that every time your opening of the lunch bag may cause heat loss, making the food be cool. So don’t open the lunch bag until lunchtime.

How long will the insulated lunch bags keep food cool?

Be hot or cool, the insulated lunch bag can keep the food at a constant temperature. You must remember that at whatever warmth you put food in, that is how it will stay. Insulated lunch bag can keep perishable items cool up to 2 hours, after which it may become unhealthy because of bacteria growth. For there to be a resolution, you can put in cold sources such as ice packs, which can provide the ideal cold temperature to keep perishables’ bacteria-less while the insulated bag work to maintain that cold environment, keeping the food cold for an extra 4-5 hours which is perfect for everyone on-the-go.