How to Choose a Best Cooler Bag for Yourself

Whether you're heading off to the park for a weekend picnic or you want something to stop your lunch turning into a warm soggy mess before your lunch break at office or college, a decent food cooler bag is essential. There are several types of coolers, the main ones which are made from hard moulded plastic or strong synthetic fiber.

Most people have a cooler that is hard, which can mean heavy or bulky, making its' mobility limited. Here, MIER soft cooler made from durable fabric with thick insulating materials, but they are more lightweight, practical, easily packing away when not in use. Even more, most MIER cooler bag Inside using heat-welded seams to prevent flexible liner leaks, very easy to clean when spilled juice/soup.

So how to choose the best cooler for yourself? There are some points for you chosen:

  • Thicker insulating linings generally work better and look out for fastenings such as strong zips to help keep the air out.
  • Name brand cooler, which is using food-grade material.
  • Interior is heat-welded seams so that it can prevent leaks.
  • Solid stitching reinforcement on all stress point, especially the shoulder strap.
  • Easy to foldable and storage.

To understand this, you need to look at all aspects of a cooler. All in all, we need measure performance — how cold it stayed, how easily it loaded, how durable it was against leaks, how comfortable it was to carry. So interesting! Hope these information can help you. Anyway, we welcome you email us to tell your good idea or suggestion.