What You Should Know Before Choosing A Hiking Jacket

hiking jacket

In the last blog, we talk about how to choose hiking pants. Today, we would like to introduce what we should know before choosing another important hiking gear – a hiking jacket.

To get a great hiking jacket is not easy because there are varieties of jackets on the market. A good jacket should not only bring warmth and comfort during hiking but also provide flexibility. So, there we put forward some points that you may ignore when choosing a hiking jacket.

  • Weather & Functionality

You need to fix out the weather condition when you plan to hike someplace. Which may decide what kind of jacket you should take to ensure your comfort and safety. Recently it is such a cold day, a down jacket is a good choice. If the day is windy, you need to prepare a windproof one. While it is a rainy day, you’d better be in a waterproof rain jacket. What’s more, the temperature is another must-know factor for you. Considering the huge temperature difference, you can prepare a removable jacket which can change into an out shell when you feel hot.

  • Maintenance and weight

In one aspect, maintenance is a part of knowledge that can lengthen the life of your jackets. Knowing how to wash and care your jacket will keep it in good condition.

In another aspect, weight is a quite significant point that you should pay attention to. Heavyweight jackets will provide enough warmth but they limit your movement. There are more and more kinds of lightweight jackets and they are totally warm. Also, when you aren’t wearing it, it can be fit easily rolled into your bag without increasing your load.

  • Material

There are a lot of choices when we talking about the materials of the jacket. But there exists a fabric that meets most hikers' needs (waterproof, windproof, and breathable) -- Gortex which is by far the most popular choice of fabric and is available in different forms. The jacket made from this fabric prevents you from all elements such as snow, water, and wind and handles the sweat disturb.

If you don’t plan to hike in a place with the rigid weather condition, fleece is a great type of fabric which can keep you warm in a slight snow day. And it will allow you to stretch freely.

  • Size & Fit

The size of jackets may vary from different brands, so you need to measure your size then refer to the size chart carefully to choose a jacket that fits you best. But it is necessary to leave additional space for layered clothing. The proper size of the jacket can make a world of difference.

  • Style: Hood and Pockets

Hood is a very important part of a jacket which could keep your head warm in a way but not all jacket has hoods. Therefore, you had better choose a jacket whose hood is removable and you can decide whether to keep the hood according to your needs.

Pockets are as important as a lifesaver. You can keep some personal items in the pocket such as a compass, flashlight, maps, etc.

To sum up, choosing a hiking jacket is an investment for yourself so you should consider for full perspectives. If you are still confused with how to choose it, why not click here to meet your MIER jackets:

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