How to Assemble MIER YUE 2-Person Backpacking Tent

Setting up a tent shouldn't feel like you're wrangling with an ornery and generously-sized longhorn bull, so keep it simple with MIER 2 person tent. Whether you are heading out solo with your fur baby or sharing with a partner, this MIER YUE easy set up tent is the ideal all-in-one size and weight for both the car camper and curious backpacker.

Learning how to assemble MIER YUE 2-person backpacking tent with the following tips:

Step 1

  • Stake the footprint.

Step 2

  • Assemble poles.

Step 3

  • Insert poles tips into the gromments.

Step 4

  • Connect all tent hooks to poles.

Step 5

  • Place the rainely over tent body.

Step 6

  • Connect buckles on the fly and inner tent at 4 corers.

Step 7

  • Stake out vestibules.

Step 8

  • Stake out all guy-lines.

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