How to Assemble MIER LANYU 3-Person Camping Tent

Grab two friends and hit the trail with your MIER 2-3 Person 3-Season LANYU Camping Tent. This comfortable backpacking tent makes a solid choice for weekend car camping excursions and multi-day trips with your friends. Easy to carry at less than 4 pounds and quick to set up with the compact bag, you’ll benefit big at camp. Thoughtful features like adjustable lengthen pole construction, excellent waterproof and windproof performance add to the feeling of knowing you got way more than you paid for. The durable MIER 3 Season backpacking tent delivers big value and comfort without pushing your backpacking budget to the brink. It’s a wonderful tent suitable for camping, hiking, beach, fishing and other outdoor sports.

Learning how to assemble MIER LANYU 3-person camping tent with the following tips:

Step 1

Connect two trekking poles together with the lengthen pole.

Step 2

Unfold inner tent, stake out 6 corners.

Step 3

Place one end of the upholder against the inside peak of inner tent, adjust trekking poles until the tent stands well.

Step 4

Place rain fly over tent body, adjust rainfly tension via corner webbing.

Step 5

Attach guylines to guyout loops, stake out all guylines.

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