• What Kind of Warm-up Should Do Before Workout?

    What Kind of Warm-up Should Do Before Workout?
    If you’re short on time, you may skip a warmup and jump right into your workout. But doing so will increase your risk of injury, and put more strain on your muscles. When preparing for any kind of exercise, it’s important to take a few minutes to ease your muscles into exercise mode. Doing so can help you reap many fitness rewards. Here are benefits...
  • HIIT Workout to Get You Ready for Summer

    HIIT Workout to Get You Ready for Summer
    What is HIIT? HIIT, high-intensity interval training, is a form of high-intensity cardiovascular training modality that alternates between short periods of anaerobic exercise with short recovery sections. It is becoming more and more popular due to less time requirement and noticeable effect. You will inevitably experience repeated high-intensity efforts throughout your exercises and your ability to recover and outbreak the next effort can make...
  • What to Eat Before Running?

    What to Eat Before Running?
    Do you often wondering what you should eat before and after a running or workout? You may ask whether it's necessary to eat at all? This is an important question to ask because proper fuel can make a huge difference in your energy level, mood, and results and greatly influence how likely you are to work out again. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. One thing you...
  • How to Run Faster?

    How to Run Faster?
    Running offers many benefits for your whole body. It can not only help to build strong bones, strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness, but also burn plenty of calories and help maintain a healthy weight. Achieving a faster pace can be a thrill for runners, and it is also good for your overall health. Here are some tips to pick up the pace and...
  • Things You Don’t Know About Running (2)

    Things You Don’t Know About Running (2)
    In the last blog, we have introduced 4 benefits of running to you. Do you try to go out and run for a while in your spare time? If not, you’d better read this blog which tells you what we should pay attention to when we start running. How to choose a running T-shirt or how to breathe? After reading, you may find the answers....
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