• How to Stay Safe While Hiking in Spring?

    How to Stay Safe While Hiking in Spring?
    With nature waking up, wildflowers blooming, tiny little leaves sprinkling the trees,why would you stay at home? Spring is probably the best season for hiking. Gone are the shivering cold temperatures, in are crispy cold mornings, pleasantly warm days, and beautiful fresh flowers. The trails are generally pretty empty, and accommodations aren't in high season yet. For hikers, following these tips managing your adventures...
  • Tips on Winter Camping for Beginners

    Tips on Winter Camping for Beginners
    Talking about winter camping, what picture would occur in your mind? Unlike the summer season, winter camping brings a totally new part to your outdoor experience. You are far from the crowds, in a hushed tranquil world of white. What’s more, you can feel the ice crack beneath you which never happened in summer. But the frostbite and hypothermia would catch you if you...
  • How to Choose Hiking Pants

    How to Choose Hiking Pants
    The hiking is, quite simply, exciting. The numerous mountain ranges in nature provide unlimited hiking possibilities. As we know,hiking is often needed to reach varied terrain. So, it is necessary to prepare the proper hiking gear. Hiking pants are an important piece of hiking gear but one that we often take for granted. So why the hiking pants play an important role? Specialized hiking pants...