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MierSports Affiliate Marketing Program

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What is Miersports Affiliate Marketing Program?

The Miersports Affiliate Marketing Program is one self-hosted program running on our website www.miersports.comwhere you can start making money online at home immediately. Meanwhile, if you are into the Sports and Outdoor niche, joining the Miersports Affiliate Marketing Program would be a suggested way to run your small online store.

Our affiliate program accepts anyone, as long as you trust our brand Miersports and would love to recommend the affiliate products from our website to your families and friends around on various channels. It is definitely our great pleasure to have you become our affiliate marketers!

It is okay for you to see our affiliate program as a drop-shipping business, which is to say, Miersports will be in full charge of the fulfillment part, and the only thing you, our affiliate marketers, need to consider is just to market and promote the affiliate products you would like to choose from our website.

Miersports Affiliate Marketing Program is looking for a win-win situation! It is very clear for us that affiliate success is the core of our business, and we are devoted ourselves to making it possible!

If you would say YES to the idea of the Miersports Affiliate Marketing Program, why not go MierSports Affiliate Marketing Program and enroll it to make money now! Go ahead!

Why This Program Is Worth Joining?

Needless to say, when you want to join an Affiliate Program, your primary goal is to earn a profit by recommending products without taking care of an inventory.

Do you know what is the most important metric for e-commerce business? How could it be possible to run an online store easily and successfully? For the MierSports, we see three things as the cores of this program:

1. Professional Affiliate Management Team

For MierSports, we really see this Program as the core of our business, so we spend a lot of time working on this program, in order to make everything prepared for our partners.
From setting this program up to determining the workflow of this program, we are trying our best to make everything easy and friendly for our affiliate marketers.
We believe in a truth: “Less is More.”
We take care of everything, leaving affiliate marketing to our business partners.

2. User-Friendly Affiliate Program Tool

Please look at the screenshot of the back-end of our affiliate program, you can regard it as your Small Online Store without owning an inventory.

The interface is so friendly for our affiliate partners to understand and use, so that you can focus more attention on how to promote and recommend the affiliate products from our website, if make it successful, get rewarded.

Meanwhile, the Referral Cookie is set for 21 days, which allows our affiliate marketers more time to earn a profit as long as possible on our affiliate program.

3. Make Money with Our Affiliate Partners

Undoubtedly, there are two decisive factors that you may choose MierSports Affiliate Marketing Program as your next business plan to make money.  
One is that you recognize and trust our brand MierSports, which means that you had better have purchased our products before, and you really think MierSports worth promoting to your families and friends around.
The other is that you are allowed to earn a profit in an online store without taking care of any inventory.
For beginners, the commission rate is up to 10%, which would be higher (maybe up to 20%) for our long-term affiliate marketers.
By the way, our affiliate partners will get $5 Signup Bonus immediately once you enroll our affiliate program, which is totally for free.
To Sum Up, Miersports Affiliate Marketing Program Details:
  • User-friendly Affiliate Program Tool
  • Up to 10% - 20% commissions
  • 21 day referral cookie
  • Get $5 signup bonus immediately once the account is created
  • Withdraw your funds after you receive $50 of commissions
  • High-quality selection of sports and outdoor products online
  • Dedicated affiliate management
  • Complete product datafeed available
  • Free shipping worldwide and seasonal promotions

How Does the Miersports Affiliate Marketing Program Work?

We are proud to say that the workflow of our affiliate marketing program is super easy:

Enroll Miersports Affiliate Marketing Program --> Grab the Links of the Affiliate Products and Put them on Your Social Media --> Convince Your Families and Friends around to Click and Convert --> You Get Rewarded --> Withdraw Your Funds after You Receive $50 of Commissions
Everything is shown on the back-end of the interface of your affiliate store, which is so user-friendly that you do not waste too much time on knowing the whole process.
All in all, why not just sign up now and get into the back-end of your Affiliate Online Store to see what all this is about?
If our Program would interest you, or you have any question, please feel free to reach out to us via intl@miersports.com.
Thank you so much!