Wasserdichter, isolierter, weicher Kühler, auslaufsichere Eiskisten-Kühler

Regulärer Preis
$49.99 USD
Regulärer Preis
$49.99 USD
Farbe: Schwarz
Größe: 8Kann
Zwischensumme: $49.99 USD
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  • Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane + TPU Liner
  • Keep Cold: 72+ hours
  • Advantage: Leakproof, Long Chilling
  • Shoulder Strap: Detachable
  • Capacity: 8 Can / 12 Can
  • 8Can Size: 11.75'' x 7.75'' x 9.75'' (LxWxH)
  • 30Can Size: 15'' x 11.5'' x 13.5'' (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 2.3 lb / 4 lb

waterproof cooler

*100% auslaufsichere und wasserdichte Kühltasche

*Erweiterte Kühlleistung: Geschlossenzelliger Gummischaum bietet eine weitaus bessere Kältespeicherung als herkömmliche weiche Kühler und hält Ihre Speisen und Getränke bis zu 3 Tage lang kühl

*Robuste Außenhülle – Ab in die Natur? Dank seiner robusten Außenhülle müssen Sie sich keine Sorgen machen, dass Ihre Kühlbox durchstochen und Ihr Mittagessen ruiniert wird

Kühltasche mit weichen Seiten für 30 Dosen – Zusätzliche Funktionen

„Habe diese Kühlbox während eines 5-tägigen Umzugs von Georgia nach Texas verwendet. Wenn die Umzugshelfer Ihre Sachen packen ... campen Sie im Grunde. Wir haben sofort die Fähigkeit der Kühlbox bemerkt, Eis viel länger zu halten als eine andere Kühlbox, die wir für den gleichen Zeitraum gekauft haben.“

Empfehlen Sie die Verwendung mit MIER Wiederverwendbarer Eisbeutel um die Abkühlzeit zu verlängern.

30 can cooler bag
large cooler bag


„Ich liebe diesen Kühler! Es ist perfekt für eine Brotdosengröße, ich benutze es für Flaschen und ein paar Dinge für die Kinder. Diese Farbe sieht persönlich toll aus!“

Benutze diese Kühlbox jeden Tag für mein Mittagessen und die Schulsnacks meiner Tochter. Hält den ganzen Schultag und unsere abendlichen Abenteuer im Fitnessstudio/Park kalt.

8 can cooler bag

Waterproof Insulated Soft Cooler Bag


1. Reißverschlusswartung

Um sicherzustellen, dass dieser weiche Kühler auslaufsicher ist und eine fortschrittliche Kühlleistung besitzt, verwenden wir den luftdichten Reißverschluss, der bei der ersten Verwendung möglicherweise etwas eng ist. Sie können das mitgelieferte MIER-Gleitmittel verwenden, damit der Reißverschluss leichter gleitet.

Wie benutzt man es?

  • Verwenden Sie das MIER-Schmiermittel oder ein anderes verfügbares Schmiermittel über dem Reißverschlusskopf, wo sie mit der Reißverschlusskette verbunden sind.
  • Ziehen Sie es nach oben und unten, um sicherzustellen, dass das Schmiermittel vollständig auf die Reißverschlusskette aufgetragen wurde.
  • Vor längerer Lagerung wiederholen und Schieber geschlossen lassen.
  • Wiederholen Sie dies nach einer gewissen Zeit der Lagerung.

*Warnung: Übermäßiges Gleitmittel kann den Stoff verschmutzen!

2. Bessere Kälteleistung

Je mehr Eis, desto besser die Kälteleistung, desto länger hält die Kälte an! Die empfohlene Mindesteismenge beträgt 1/3 des Kühlervolumens.

3. Wie reinige ich meinen Kühler?

  • Für den Innengeruch, der durch den Naturkautschuk entsteht, können Sie die Innenseite mit milder Seife auswischen und mit warmem Wasser reinigen, besonders vor dem ersten Gebrauch.
  • Reinigen Sie das Innere nach jedem Gebrauch, insbesondere bei Verwendung in einer Salzwasserumgebung.
  • Handwäsche nur.

4. Lager

Lassen Sie die weiche Kühltasche mit geöffnetem Deckel an der Luft trocknen, bevor Sie sie verstauen.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
La Nena D
Great insulated cooler!

The MIER Waterproof Insulated Soft cooler works amazingly! The cooler included a small tube of a grease to put in the zipper to make it open and close smoother. It has a front pocket to keep plastic utensils or whatever you need in there. The cooler works great, kept ice for about 13 hours on a hot sunny day here in FL. It doesn’t leak water like others I’ve had. This cooler is truly amazing!Thank you so much for taking the time to read this review. I hope the information that I've provided makes your decision a little easier.

Yury Sakovich
Great little cooler

Great cooler, was about to buy RTIC but decided to give this cooler underdog a go. I used it on the back of my motorcycle. Bought meat, steak, eggs, sausages, a bottle of soda for camping. Filled it with as much ice as I could (not a lot after all the food). We cooked the meat and half of sausages that night. Next morning made bacon and eggs. Ice still in cooler after a warm 80F day. Then I just left the ice in there with the sausages to see how long it lasts for next 300 mile trip under California sun. The ice did melt, but sausages remained cold. All from yesterdays ice. My only two thoughts to the manufacturer: lighter colors, and more anchor points.


I'm not sure what possessed me to pay so much for a WATERPROOF cooler since I don't do water sports, and just use it for bringing lunch to work in an office, so...? I think it would be perfect for boating/kayaking. The quality is excellent, it's lightweight but durable, with plenty of room, and it keep my lunches and sodas cold! The very high-quality marine-grade zipper is a real bear to open, but in their defense I have yet to put any of the provided lubricant on the zipper, probably because I'm expecting it to create a gooey mess. My biggest concern is that with all the struggling to open the thing, the very durable-seeming zipper-pull will break eventually. I much prefer the blue insulated interior to the thin 'quilted' reflective material in most lunch bags. It's a bit tiresome to have to keep pulling apart the velcro wrap holding the two handles together every time I want to unzip/open the cooler. There IS a removable shoulder strap I haven't tried, but the two handles aren't removable, so you have to use the velcro wrap unless you want them flapping. One last thing is I don't like the velcro-closure pocket added onto one side of the cooler. It bulges out, and the flap catches on things, etc. I'd prefer if it wasn't there, as far as design. I haven't used that pocket, just stored the lubricating tube in it. So, that's my take. Feels very durable and long-lasting, I just hope the zipper-pull holds up to long-term stress from repeatedly opening such a strong sealing zipper!

Outback in Idaho
Outstanding Portable Soft Cooler

Have a busy lifestyle. At times I get to one store for some quick shopping, before heading off to work. While I did purchase a bigger cooler and put in the back seat of my compact, most the time it's just too big. Was looking for something smaller I could out inside for frozen or cold food, and would keep cool till I got home.Saw this on Amazon, and did contemplate it. Has a seriously thick insulation, and figured why not give it a try? Almost got the lunch bag by Mier as well.When then arrived I was puzzled because I didn't want to rip anything apart. That zipper was stuck on tight! Played with it, looked around online, and posted a question on this page about the tube of grease. Got the zipper to budge once the pack cooled down, and was shocked at how much insulation was really in there!! Yes, this was the bag for me, although I will say I wished it was a tad longer for some frozen food products.And while this cooler can hold out on its own, I did put in inside the other cooler as I did not buy any ice. Got some hot pockets, deli turkey slices, and combined those into the Meir cooler. Had an afterthought about taking the frozen food out of the long box and stuff inside around the turkey after I took an iPhone photo, as was in a hurry. Still, when I got home from a 106° F day, inside a car even, everything was still frozen and cold. In fact, the entire cooler was cool inside, where I had muffins and a couple other items. The orange juice didn't fit.For me, as busy as I get, it is comforting to have items on hand that WILL KEEP my stuff cold, and temperature stable during these warmer months. And when I get out camping I'll have the perfect coolers on hand.I especially like the handle keepers, as I don't get to use the shoulder strap much. The zipper is quite a sealer. Super thick insulation. What's not to like other than maybe if was a tad longer.If you are looking for a similar cooler bag when out shopping, get this! It's way better than anything else I've found, and the support is OUTSTANDING. They had answers for me when I got home from work. That is fast, and quality support.Thank you MIER. This fits my needs. And your quality speaks for itself.

Candid Reviewer
Excellent Yeti-like extra thick soft cooler for a FRACTION of the price!

I bought this MIER Waterproof Insulated Soft Cooler for packing a lunch and some drinks when I go kayaking with my dog. The waterproof material is excellent at repelling drips from the paddle (instead of soaking them up like most soft coolers would), and the extra thick insulation keeps the contents noticeably cooler in direct sunlight than most hard or soft coolers of this size do. Yes, it costs four times what a basic Igloo lunchbox cooler would cost, but it uses MUCH thicker insulation to stand up to direct sunlight for a full day, possibly even two. (I've only used it for long afternoon paddles so far, but my iceblock is still ice cold after several hours of use, despite the high temps and intense sun of a Georgia summer.) It's also only about one-fourth the cost of the outstanding, but absurdly expensive Yeti coolers like the Flip 8.If you're looking for an excellent day cooler that performs like a champ, looks nice, and repels water, this is the one!

It does what it says

My friend came to visit with a high end cooler....I really liked it...but 200.00 on sale was to extreme....Meier hit this one out of the park ..cant tell the difference other than this one is affordable! BUY IT...its 5 star all the way....


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